We are now pleased to announce that as of this year, Target Sports Therapy will now be going mobile to deliver massages from the comfort of your own home. Our main base is still within roundswell but if you live within a 5 mile radius of this area, we would be happy to travel to you at no extra cost.

There are three different types of massage that can be delivered, which are described below;

Pre Event Massage – £25

(30-minute session before a competitive event)

This would benefit anybody that is due to compete in an event/match/tournament. This type of massage is a very superficial and involves a light pressure. It is very fast paced and is designed to get the nerve endings stimulated and the muscles warm and ready for competition. This will also psychologically stimulate you as it gives you the feeling of readiness and preparation.

Recovery Massage – £30

(55-minute session)

This would benefit anybody that is suffering from; muscle soreness/tension, superficial injuries, loss of mobility, tension headaches and general muscular discomfort.

This type of massage is designed to rejuvenate and repair problem areas by using a collection of deeper and slower techniques. This is also used to relieve stress and cause a far more overall relaxed feeling.

Maintenance Massage – £30

(55 – minute session)

This would benefit anybody that is starting to feel any form of muscular discomfort or tension. This is normally a massage that is delivered to prevent injuries and to stop muscles from getting majorly damaged from either day to day stresses or from excessive training and competition in sport. This type of massage is highly recommended to ensure that your body remains at its peak so you can continue with everyday tasks pain free.